Crash Tests
3D Remote Sensing in Accident Scene Reconstruction

Non-professional modifications of passenger cars

Potential and risks of 3D photogrammetry

Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the Effectiveness of Driver Assistance Systems with Increasing Degree of Autom...

Evaluation of hazard perception skills of young drivers

Characterization of the Kudlich-Slibar impact parameters for small-overlap crash-tests

Roadworthiness of Commercial Vehicles with Mass over 7 500 kg – Results of Roadside Inspections

Vehicle speed loss during impact obstacle

Insurance fraud: Fake traffic accidents - staging, detecting and proving

Injury Mitigation Potential of Inflatable Protective Motorcycle Jackets

Car to motorcycle collision in an urban intersection: The importance of a CCVT footage in the accident reconstruction pr...

Influence of Aerodynamic Centre of Pressure Location on Motorcycle Behavior in Crosswinds

Automotive Fraud Analysis: Going Beyond the Physical Evidence

Simulation of cornering car motion with zero pressure in on rear wheel

Road marking: analysis of identification and reaction times of vehicle drivers through the use of innovative techniques

Electronic data in crashed vehicles

Impact of headlight cloudiness on pedestrian detection

Research regarding the pedestrian speed of individuals over the age of 60 years

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IMPACT Vol 26 No 2 - Autumn 2018

20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria

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IMPACT Vol 26 No 1 - Spring 2018

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